ADASS Virtual Office, a combination of off-site live customer communication and business address services that allow you to reduce conventional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. Click here to view Packages @ a Glance.

BMAS - Business Mailing Address Service

BMAS is an entry level package that offers prestigious mailing address as your business or private address. You may then apply the address to all your company stationery, website and other material such as advertising and marketing.

ADASS will accept courier, letter & parcel on your behalf. Upon receipt, you will be promptly notified of your incoming mail via email.

As a complimentary bonus, you can take advantage of our shared business fax number which has a Fax2Email service.

What’s included?

  • Prestigious mailing address

  • Accept courier, documents & parcel on your behalf

  • Mail Notifications via email (upon receipt)

  • Shared Business Fax

  • Fax to Email service

IFAS - Internet Fax Solution

IFAS is an internet fax solution which needs neither fax machine nor phone line. You no longer have to run down to your office to check if you have received a fax. When someone faxes to your dedicated fax number (+604 local Penang number), the fax is converted to a PDF format file that is then emailed to you securely and conveniently as an attachment. To send a fax, simply log on to our online fax portal and you can fax your PDF, PostScript, TIFF or Text files directly from the web interface.

What’s included?

  • One dedicated (+604) local fax number

  • Unlimited free incoming fax pages

  • First 50 outgoing fax credits (minutes) are FREE* per month

  • Automatic Fax to Email

  • Automatic Fax to Web

* Only applicable to local outgoing fax (within Malaysia only).

AVOS – ADASS Virtual Office Solution

Want the best of all? Sign-up AVOS, our complete plan for virtual office. It is our most cost effective virtual office solution that maximizes your business communication and gives you the best flexibility. It is a blend of BMAS, Business Phone and Business Fax, and more!

What’s included?

  • BMAS – Business Mailing Address Service

  • One dedicated Penang (+604) local phone number

  • Up to 6 Contacts per account

  • Pre-recorded custom greeting or message

  • Receptionist service

  • Call Forwarding service to designated Mobile/Fixed lines or Skype ID

  • First 50 outgoing call credits (minutes) are FREE per month (within MY only)

  • 24/7 Voicemail to Email service

  • After Hours Configuration

  • Conference Call Service (4 hours FREE per month)