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SharedSphere was founded by Louis Soo as a leading virtual and serviced office service in Penang, Malaysia. With SharedSphere, clients get cutting-edge virtual office, serviced office, IT sourcing, and human resource outsourcing from a prestigious address in the heart of Penang’s business district. Thanks to SharedSphere’s track record of satisfying clients, the company now offers over 18,500 sqf. of office space in Penang.

SharedSphere solves many common business problems. For clients looking to work from home or starting up a small business in Penang, finding and setting up a business address is definitely a daunting challenge. Not only do they need a strategic business address, but they need a business phone, a business fax, and a receptionist to handle calls while they are away.

Unfortunately, without these essential services, they risk losing business as customers turn away to other firms which have them. Yet the cost and hassle of setting them up is significant.

Enter SharedSphere’s Virtual Office; with SharedSphere, clients get a dedicated business mailing address in one of Penang’s most prestigious areas – an address they can put on their website, on their letterhead, and on their business cards that is sure to impress potential clients.

SharedSphere clients have a dedicated local Penang phone number to demonstrate their presence in the city, which connects to a professional receptionist or a pre-recorded custom greeting. Of course, any voicemail left for clients is being routed directly to their email. And, they will be able to receive mail and packages at their address.

SharedSphere is the answer to established businesses’ headaches, too. Setting up an office space is expensive and time consuming, yet business moves fast. Why wait months and spend countless hours talking with lawyers and renovation crews just to set up a Penang office, when it’s possible to have a private office instantly?

SharedSphere’s serviced office facilities are ‘turnkey’ office space in an unbranded business center. They provide accommodation for 2 to 8 people so clients can start doing business in Penang immediately, while having all the IT and telecoms infrastructure they expect at their fingertips. Clients’ business is fully functional from day one.

What’s more, as serviced offices, clients never have to worry about office management, hiring a receptionist, or dealing with cleaning. Nor do they have to deal with capital outlay or pay rent on meeting rooms, break areas, or corridors. SharedSphere Serviced Offices include all those items, so clients enjoy full office comfort in a glamorous part of Penang’s Cybercity Business District at a minimum price.

SharedSphere makes setting up a business in Penang fast, simple, and easy. Thanks to SharedSphere’s prestigious address, clients may find using SharedSphere provides them with a marketing advantage over other firms – in addition to the competitive advantage clients get from saving time and money. In fact, in the event clients would like to save even more time and money, they can ask about SharedSphere’s IT sourcing and human resources outsourcing services.

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With 3 Innovations : Affordable. Dependable. Adaptable.

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