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Does ADASS offer a 30-day money back guarantee?
Yes. Please refer to Question #2 below for terms and conditions.
Are refunds prorated on cancellation?
Yes, refunds are prorated upon cancellation of your services if you cancel before the first 30 days of your service has ended. If you cancel after the first 30 days, no refund will be issued.

If I use ADASS Office Address for business or personal, how do I obtain my mails/parcels which are sent to ADASS Office?
All mails, courier items or parcels will be handled attentively and available for self-collection from ADASS Office. Notification will be sent via email within the same business day.
(Penthouse 1-21-1, Suntech @ Penang Cybercity, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, 11950 Penang, Malaysia)

Does ADASS offer Mail Forwarding service?
Yes. Postal Charges plus Tax and Admin Fee of 10% will apply.

How long will the mails/parcels kept for self-collection or forwarding?
All mails, courier items or parcels will be kept in ADASS Office for a maximum of 30 days after notification sent. Any mails, courier items or parcels not collected nor forwarded within that period will either be returned or discarded at ADASS’s discretion. You are responsible for any costs ADASS incurs in the returning of your uncollected mails, courier items or parcels plus Tax and Admin Fee of 10% of total cost incurred.

How long is call history kept in the system?
Call history in your account will be kept for 30 days.

Where can I view my call history?
Visit and login using your ADASS VO Voicemail Mailbox ID (last 4 digits of your ADASS phone #) and password. Go to Call Monitor. It will list all calls in your account. Source is the calling party and Destination is the called party.

What information does the call history display?
Answer: Your call logs display the following:
Source (calling party)
Destination (called party)
Date & Time of Call
Length of Call.

When multiple callers dial my ADASS number, they hear a busy signal. What is going on?
If you suspect that calls are not answered as expected, please contact ADASS Customer Service and we will investigate the matter. We will need the exact date & time, originating number (caller ID) and destination number (ADASS number) as well as the expected behavior.

When making an outgoing call from my ADASS number, what will be displayed as the Caller ID on the other phone? Can I display my company name?
When you make an outgoing call through your ADASS number, the name that you provided us will be displayed on the other phone if they have Caller ID (text) enabled.

Can I use my own voice greeting? What type of files do you accept?
Yes. You may send us your pre-recorded voice greeting in .wav format audio file. The file must be PCM Encoded, 16 Bits, at 8000Hz

How do I edit or remove an existing greeting?
For all Call Configuration changes, please contact ADASS Customer Service for assistance.

Can I route calls to an international number?
Yes, you can forward or route your calls to any international number.


  • I want to use Call Forwarding to my mobile phone but have my ADASS voicemail instead of my mobile phone voicemail pick up. How do I make this work?

    A.You can either decrease your ring time (default is 15 seconds) in ADASS or contact your mobile phone service provider and ask them to increase ring time.
  • How do I access my ADASS VO voicemail?

    A. You can access your voicemail via Phone, Email and Online.
    Phone – you can call your ADASS number from any phone to access your voicemail. When prompted to leave a voicemail, press *. You will then be asked to enter your ADASS voicemail password. Enter your password followed by #.

    Email – your voicemail messages will be sent to your designated email address as an audio file attachment in *.wav format for you to listen on your computer and save. The email message will also contain time, date, length and Caller ID information for the voicemail message.

    Online – visit and login using your ADASS Voicemail Mailbox ID (last 4 digits of your ADASS phone #) and password. Go to Voicemail to access your new as well as achieved voicemail messages. Voicemail messages will be stored in your account for 30 days.

  • How do I change/reset my voicemail password?

    A. Visit and go to Settings. Enter your desired voicemail password in both “Voicemail Password:” and “Enter again to confirm:” and click on the Update button.


  • What is Shared Fax?

    It is a fax line shared among other ADASS clients. The shared fax number can be printed on business cards, letterheads, stationery, website, promotional and advertising material.

  • What do I need to receive incoming faxes?

    Computer, Internet access, a valid email account, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Incoming faxes are converted into PDF format files and sent to your designated email address. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program to view PDF format files and can be downloaded for free from

  • How are my incoming faxes delivered to me?

    Shared Fax – Incoming faxes to ADASS shared fax line will be received and processed by ADASS Customer Service and then forwarded to your designated email address within the same business day, Monday to Friday only. Faxes received after 5:00pm will be considered as received the next business day.
    Dedicated Fax – As you have your own dedicated fax line and number exclusive to you only, incoming faxes will be immediately and automatically forwarded to your designated email address 24/7.

  • Can I print out faxes that I receive?

    Yes, you will receive the faxes in the downloadable PDF format and you will have the option to print the fax from your computer. Please make sure you have a working printer connected to your computer.

  • How do I send outbound fax?

    You may send your soft copy to As soon as we receive your email, one of our Customer Service Representatives will process your request and send the fax out. Please note that Telco Charges plus Tax and Admin Fee of 10% will apply. In your email, please include the following information:
    Soft copy of your document to be faxed out
    Your ADASS phone number
    Destination (phone #) of your fax

  • Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive per day?

    Currently, we have no limit to the amount of faxes you can receive per day.

IVR & Conference Bridge

  • What is an IVR menu?

    A.IVR menu is generally the first thing incoming callers will hear when they dial your ADASS number. The system will play your custom audio message telling callers which key to press.
  • How do I edit an existing IVR menu?

    A. For all IVR changes, please contact ADASS Customer Service for assistance.
  • What is the limit on words/sounds used for Announcement, IVR Menu Message and/or IVR Option Message?

    A. No, there are no limits on words or sounds used. However, keep in mind that this is a recording that your callers will have to listen to, so for their best interest, we recommend keeping your announcement or message as short, sweet and to the point, as possible.

 Support phone operator in headset, isolated on white
  • Can calling cards be used to dial into a conference bridge?

    A.Yes, calling cards can be used to dial into a conference bridge.
  • What is the maximum number of participants in a conference bridge at one time?

    A. Currently, up to 30 participants can attend a conference call at one time.
  • Is there a maximum amount of time a conference call can be in session?

    A. No, there is no maximum amount of time a conference may stay in session.
  • Can I choose my own phone number to call into a conference?

    A. No, a permanent Conference Bridge Number is provided by ADASS. Please contact ADASS Customer Service for reservation and assistance.
  • Does the number of participants affect the quality of the conference call?

    A. As the number of participants increases, so does the probability of unintended participant error. Issues such as background noise, un-muted lines, and the type of phone used can affect the quality of the conference call.
  • How can I reduce echoing during a conference call?

    A. Participants should check to make sure their microphone source used during the conference call is muted or try calling in again from a different phone or quieter area.
  • How can I reduce distortion during a conference call?

    A. The participant should make sure to call from a good quality phone, and should make sure to keep any background noise to an absolute minimum. If this does not help, the participant should hang up and reattempt a connection into the conference.
  • What happens if a participant calls into a conference before the host?

    A. A message will be played to inform the participant that the leader (host) has not joined the conference. The participant will be placed on hold with music playing in the background while waiting for the host to join and begin the conference.